Defy the biggest shopping day of the year.

Apple's most updated AirPods Master 2 is currently available for the lowest price.

sometimes. A haven for those who decided to take a stand before pulling the trigger on these second-age AirPods Star,

Now you can get a pair for $200,

Which is a well measured investment fund from the first $250. AirPods Genius 2 comes with Apple's updated H2 chip,

Which replicates the noise crossing of headphones, and also offers customized spatial sound and new touch controls.

We also love that the new case makes it harder to lose with a built-in cord circle and track my capabilities.

No, it is certainly not a definite requirement for those who have previously owned the AirPods Master,

But these headphones are definitely a nice update. Also, assuming you have someone on that nice list,

Now is the time to buy. Furthermore, if $200 is still outside your financial plan,

So you can still buy some second-gen AirPods for $90, which is down from their original $129.