Critical mission at hand: Disaster Area 2.0 kicked off last week,

Yet the fight royale spin-off has actively bettered the 25 million player achievement.

The Authority Critical Mission in Hand series account expressed gratitude to Disaster Area 2.0 players for the achievement on Twitter,

where some customers met the announcement with a combination of performance and objections over unstable server associations.

While the achievement shows that initial hiccups haven't dampened the force of Disaster Zone, there have been some glaring errors in the fight royale.

Shortly after its launch, some players got locked out for reporting a strange bug on Reddit.

Requested they buy Present Day Fighting 2 even if they currently own it.

Another flaw makes some models undetectable, forget about undetectable in the open

and gets shot by rivals as the problem gets away. Player accounts show imperceptible misfires

Users like YouTuber SuperEvan are trying and dying without a proper source of damage, but the game's kill cam explains