Predestination 2's booty time is practically over,

Ahead of next year's Lightfall expansion, everyone is focused on Season 19

How will that carry over into the next year of content. Unlike Time of the Risen, which lasted an incredible year and a half,

Season 19 follows a stormy three-month period in which to retell its story

There are a few changes to be familiar with with the Predetermination 2 sandbox.

While Bungie can't currently give away everything on players' expectations in the story office from the new season,

It has lifted the wraps on certain changes that it will introduce for the next quarter.

Season 19 officially begins on December 6th, and like previous seasons,

You will have the option of resetting the week after week at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET to satisfy new ones. From that point on, it's February 28,

Lightfalls to 2023 and remains energized for three months until the start of Season 20.

Like previous seasons, Bungie is protecting the story of Season 19 amid tight security.