What Is the Cheapest Cryptocurrency in 2023

What Is the Cheapest Cryptocurrency in 2023 : Do you want to know What Is the Cheapest Cryptocurrency in the crypto market which costs less than Rs 100 because even a first time investor in crypto can invest in these crypto currencies without any fear.

At present there are more than 20000+ crypto currency in the whole world. The value of many of them crypto currency is above lakhs of rupees and there are also crypto currency whose value is less than one rupee. If you are looking for the cheapest crypto currency, then we will tell you about them here.

A few years ago, we did not know much about crypto currency, because there was not much information about all these things and we did not have technology.

There are some good crypto currencies in the world that you can invest in. If your budget is low then you can easily invest on these crypto currency. And one thing from the present time the price of these crypto currency can go up and down because the value of crypto currency never remains stable.

What Is the Cheapest Cryptocurrency in 2023

What Is the Cheapest Cryptocurrency

On the table below, you have been given a list of the names of the cheapest cryptocurrency of 2023 according to the current price. Keep in mind that the price of these crypto currency keeps on going up and down.

1. Shiba Inu

  • SHIB – ₹ 0.001012

In the cheapest crypto currency of 2023, Shiba Inu was a very good crypto coin a few months ago. But after last month’s crypto crash, Shib Inu went down by almost 85% percent and has not been able to recover yet. Shiba Inu was once the most traded cryptocurrency in the market.

2. WinkLink

  • WIN – ₹ 0.0091

WinkLink cryptocurrency was launched in the year 2019. This Karipot currency is listed on very few crypto exchanges. But it is listed on India’s most preferred exchange platform Wazirx. If you want to invest in Winklink, then you can easily invest on wazirx.

3. Verge

  • XVG – ₹ 0.2677

Verge is a very old cryptocurrency. This crypto coin was launched in 2014 and then its name was DogeCoinDark but later in the year 2016 its name was changed to Verge. That’s why this coin is an alternative to Dogecin if seen in a way.

4. Nervous Network

  • CKB – ₹ 0.3073

Nervos network was launched in the year 2016 and then it was a very good crypto currency. This crypto currency gave the highest returns in the year 2021 and then its price started falling continuously. But after the crypto crash of last month, this crypto currency has started going up continuously.

5. Cellar network

  • CLR – ₹1.4382

There are 4 cofounders of Celer network whose names are Dr. Mo Dong, Dr. Junda Liu, Dr. Xiaozhou Li,Dr. Qingkai is Liang. He discovered CLR on the year 2018. The alpha-mainnet of Celer network was launched on July 7, 2019. The alpha-mainnet, Cygnus, marks the start of the world’s first Generalized State Channel Network, starting with Ethereum.

6. IoTex

  • lOTX – ₹2.229

IoTex is founded by Raullen Chai, Quevan Guo, Xinxin Fan, and Jing Sun. The Whitepaper of IoTex was released in the year 2018. But it was launched on the year 2019. Due to Iotex not being a popular cryptocurrency, this cryptocurrency is listed on very few cryptocurrency exchange platforms.


  • TRX – ₹5.3768

Tron was discovered in the year 2017 by a non-profit organization in Singapore and the owner of that organization is Justin Sun. Tron was launched in the year 2018 july 25. Its purpose is to connect the Content Creator of today. To win through this, the content creators were paying too much money to the middle man on their streaming, that has to be reduced.

8. Dogecoin

  • DOGE – ₹5.5000

Dogecoin has been a very good crypto currency for the last 2 years and it is a very popular crypto currency, among the lowest cost crypto currency. It is counted among the top 10 crypto currencies. This crypto currency was introduced in the year 2013 on December 6th.

9. Coti

  • COTI – ₹7.7000

COTI crypto currency was launched on June 2019 and was launched at Rs 6.89. Compared to other crypto coins, the price of COTI has increased very little in 2 years. Very few people invest in this crypto currency because of its low returns.

10. Stellar

  • XLM – ₹8.7899

Stellar is a very old cryptocurrency. It was launched on 31 july 2014 but it was officially launched on 2015. Stellar is a very good cryptocurrency to invest in. Its transaction speed is 3-5 sec which is more than all bank transaction speed.

Which cryptocurrency should I buy?

If you want to trade on crypto, then the advice is to first know the crypto currency market well. Because it is difficult to say which crypto gives profit at what time. The reason for this is that the crypto market is very up and down.

The safest crypto in our opinion is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Coin. You can invest on these cryptos because their current trend is going on and big celebrities like Elon Musk are supporting it.


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